Ameretat Capital


Sohrab Vakil is the Managing Director at Ameretat Limited. Vakil’s background is in investment banking and management, especially in the commodities and transportation industries.

With 26 years of experience in the capital markets, Sohrab Vakil is a Director of Compass Star Shipping Limited, Maxore Limited and Hong Kong based Splendid Star Services Limited. Before joining Ameretat he was the Managing Director of Emerging Markets Trading at Cantor Fitzgerald in London.

Previously to his time with Cantor Fitzgerald, Vakil was Managing Partner at investment firm Constellation Capital AG in Pfäffikon, Switzerland. Before working for Constellation Capital, Sohrab Vakil was Managing Director at Credit Suisse Asset Management as the Head of Engineered Products.


Ameretat has strived to blend its role as a trusted partner with its clients activities to achieve our goal of leveraging our relationship network to benefit our clients and stakeholders. Ameretat where operational advice for companies is aimed at providing a balanced, honest and value accretive input.

Ameretat continues to advise boards of directors and executive boards of companies in order to support their restructuring process by means of corporate management systems and financial strategies.

We design streamlined processes to achieve our clients goals and objectives. Our unique ability to blend technology and real world experience allows companies to optimise the returns on investments.


Any business that wants to grow and succeed in our rapidly changing world needs a responsive Business Strategy that can handle the challenges of the modern day operating environment. Our Team is uniquely experienced in various business areas including loss prevention, asset recovery and risk assessment and planning.

To quote Helmuth Von Moltke, 'No plan of operations reaches with any certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy's main force.'Business Strategy has to be responsive and able to adapt and overcome obstacles in a process that is organic and continuous. Ameretat has assisted clients in various operational and strategic risk mitigation exercises. We draw on our network to help you grow.

Creative & Add Focused.

Each client is different, we customise our advice for your business and circumstances. We achieve this by learning your business from the inside. Our advisors will take the time to become part of your business. We can then help you make the right choices for your business.


We specialise in International dispute resolution. We advise companies on settling and resolving disputes. Whether they be commercial, financial or legal. We attempt to solve the problem in a manner that gives our client the maximum return while minimising the risks. This aspect of our Risk Management advice is highly tailored and built on years of experience navigating the various markets we have experienced many situations that require creative thinking.